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Novelette Booksellers in East Nashville 


We are a fun, vibey, safe space for book lovers of all ages. We boast a highly curated selection of both fiction and non-fiction books by diverse authors, and a great selection of graphic novels.


With an eye for inclusivity and celebration of our differences, Novelette strives to be inclusive to people of all backgrounds.



We ship anywhere in the United States.

We offer in-store pickup too.



Sunday -Tuesday: 10 am - 6 pm

Wednesday -  Thursday: 11 am -7 pm

Friday - Saturday: 10 am - 8 pm



We believe you should be able to find yourself within the pages of the books on our shelves! We also believe you should be able to transport yourself to another world, whether it be one of witches brewing potions over a cauldron, knights fighting to protect the realm, or aliens abducting humans for less than wholesome reasons, or talking ermine companions accompanying your adventures through time.


We sell only new books - we do not buy books - if you’re looking to sell your books or looking for a used book we’d be happy to redirect you elsewhere. 


Don't see what you are looking for? Contact us.

Please see our Policies page for other questions.


Handpicked books that you will love

At Novelette we handpick the books we sell to match our tastes and what we think you will love. On our shelves you can find books from these genres:


Contemporary fiction, Children’s, Classics, Fantasy, Gender & sexuality, Graphic novels, Literary Fiction, Memoir, Middle reader, Occult, Romance, Science-fiction, and Young adult.


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