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Store Policies



Novelette Booksellers is happy to offer exchanges or store credit for books sales within 7 days of purchase with original receipt, at our discretion. We do not accept returns.

Books must be unread, determined by us to be in condition to be resold, and you must have a receipt (print, email, or text receipt) present. If your book meets our criteria, you can exchange it for another equally priced book, or receive store credit. We cannot honor returns if no receipt is present, and exchanges or returns for store credit must be made within 7 days. All sales are final for any special orders.


Returns for books will not be accepted because you did not like the book. Books are a subjective experience and not everyone will like every book they read. We encourage you to re-home your book to a fellow reader who might vibe better with that book. We hope you like your next choice more! 


Congrats on your book! The selection of our bookstore is highly curated and we work with specific publishing houses, but if you would like us to review your book for the possibility of stocking it, please fill out this form.


If we think your book is a good fit, we will get in touch within 10 business days.



We are happy to host literary events in our space! However, due to the limited capacity of our store, events may be ticketed through Novelette Booksellers. 


Novelette Booksellers reserves the right to price tickets accordingly to account for sales lost due to the event. Since do not have the space to accommodate hosting an event while allowing in-store shopping to occur at the same time, all events will take place outside of our regular operational hours.


If you are reaching out about an author event at the shop,please fill out this form.If you are reaching out about a non-author event (i.e. open mic, comedy night, etc) please fill out this form

If we think your event is a good fit for our shop we will get in touch within 10 business days.


Not seeing the book you want on our shelves? We’d love to order it for you! Come visit us during store hours, or shoot us an email at with the specifics of the book you were looking for.

All titles are subject to availability, and prices may be subject to change. Please note that it may take a few days for your order to come in, and thanks for your patience!


Note: We reserve the right to refuse special orders for books if the title you’re looking for promotes messages of racism, homophobia, transphobia, etc. If the book you’re wanting falls under a similar category, please let the door hit you on the way out. :) 


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